National Adoption Month and the rewards of adopting older kids

November will be here before you know it. There will be turkey and all the trimmings served at many tables in Maryland on Thanksgiving. Everyone wants to give thanks and share the holiday with loved ones, but November is important for another reason as well. It is National Adoption Month and a good time to remember that not everyone has a family with which to share the holidays.

Most people who have been thinking about adoption picture taking an infant or toddler into their homes. However, the country is filled with older kids and teens who need loving homes as well. While it can be daunting to consider adopting older youths, adoption advocates want you to know that it can be more rewarding than you may think.

Regardless of their age, everyone benefits from feeling loved. Parenting older children provides them with a stable home life which can help these young people learn how to be responsible and productive. Teens who meet adulthood in a safe and loving environment have a better chance of becoming healthy, well-balanced adults.

Some of the concerns prospective parents have about adopting older children include paying for college as well as mental health or medical treatment. With a baby or toddler there is time to plan for these things, but with a teen, these issues can arise swiftly. Many federal and state-level assistance programs are available for those who adopt older kids. These programs can help pay for educational needs as well as health care.

Adopting an older child is not without challenges, but for many, the rewards outweigh these challenges. As the nation approaches National Adoption Month, perhaps you will consider providing an older child with a loving home. A family law attorney can give you all the assistance you will need.


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