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Know how to evaluate your case to start on a defense

There are many different factors that can impact the outcome of a criminal case. In a prior blog post, we discussed how the statute of limitations is one of these factors. If you recall, the statute of limitations is a time limit that is imposed for pressing charges against someone. If that time limit elapses, the person might not be able to be charged for a criminal act. As is the case with many things in the criminal justice system, there are exceptions to that rule, some of which we discussed in that post.

For a person who is facing criminal charges, trying to find ways to discredit the charges is often a priority. Many people hope that they can find that golden egg that will free them of the charges. We know that there are some golden eggs out there, but that they aren’t present in every case.

When we can’t find a golden egg, we start working on building a defense that shows your side of the story. We have to do this in a way that works to poke holes in the prosecution’s claims against you. An alibi, evidence that discredits a point in the prosecution’s case and similar factors are all some that we can consider in your defense.

The defense that we work with you to prepare has to be just that — your defense. We can’t go off of a strategy that worked to get someone else a specific result unless that case is identical to your case. Since there are differences — no matter how small — to every case, we have to get to work based on the circumstances of your case.

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