Maryland trio charged with theft, burglary, and conspiracy

Local Maryland police used K-9’s to lead them to three individuals who allegedly broke into a liquor store at 4 a.m. on the first Sunday of July. The three suspects were tracked by the dogs to a 7-Eleven where they were arrested. The trio now faces a variety of charges including theft, burglary, and conspiracy.

Two of the suspects arrested were juveniles — 17-year-old boys — and were later released to the custody of their families. The third member of the suspected burglary trio was a 20-year-old male Westminster resident. Bail was set at $15,000 for the adult suspect.

Police say that the liquor store’s front door was smashed to gain entry and the cash register was then taken out. After the register was located nearby in an alley, the dogs were used to bring the police to the 7-Eleven where they arrested the three suspects. Police are also saying that they may be pressing further charges against two of the suspects in connection with other burglaries in the area, including a KFC that was robbed in early June.

The sheriff’s department has given voice to its intention of connecting the recent arrests to a total of six other recent area burglaries. In order to make the theft, burglary, and conspiracy charges stick, however, Maryland prosecutors will need to first prove, beyond any doubt, the allegations contained in the arrest reports. In the absence of competent, thorough, and relevant evidence – all of which must meet a stringent burden of proof — the prosecution may not be able to secure its hoped-for convictions.

Source:, “Man, 2 teens charged with robbery; 2 connected to other cases,” July 8, 2013

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