How to handle a divorce when an ex-spouse is difficult

While Marylanders who have been through the experience know that divorce can be a painful emotional process, most people ending their marriage have enough of a practical side to know that at a certain point, it is easier to compromise than to insist on one’s way even despite one’s emotional hurts.

However, some Howard County residents may find themselves having to get out of a bad marriage to a controlling person who simply won’t compromise. While sometimes, such as in the case of unlawful abuse or neglect, it is best to leave the situation first and plan later, a successful split with a controlling spouse may require careful planning with a Maryland Divorce Lawyer before a divorce is filed.

The reason for this planning is that, unlike other people, a person who is intent on serving their own needs may not care about the cost of fighting out a contested divorce; for these types of spouses, “winning” is all that matters. In these types of situations, the key to not getting taken advantage of in these sorts of situations may be to plan a split in such a way that ensures the divorcing party is in a strong position once the divorce begins.

Most of this planning revolves around establishing financial independence. Therefore, as much as possible, a spouse who plans to leave a controlling person may want to establish a substantial nest egg in his or her own individual account. In fact, it may be advisable to avoid maintaining joint accounts, especially credit cards and other lines of credit. Finally, a person preparing for a divorce will need to make copies of all important financial documents and records.

Any divorce is difficult, but it is especially difficult when one’s spouse will insist on control at any cost. A Howard County divorce lawyer can help a spouse who needs to end a controlling relationship make the necessary plans for achieving the smoothest divorce possible.

Source: USA Today, “Protect your finances while divorcing a bully,” Elizabeth MacBride, June 23, 2013

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