Maryland Teacher Faces Drug Possession Charges

Teachers have a lot of responsibility. Not only do they help students learn new things about the world around them, but they also must set a good example at all times. Asking a student for prescription drugs because they are curious or have developed a drug addiction is immoral, unethical and also illegal. Prescription drugs can only be used by the person to whom they are prescribed. Any other use is considered a criminal act that can result in serious penalties.

A Maryland teacher is facing charges for attempting to buy ADHD drugs from a student. The woman—a teacher at Bennett High School and also the wife of a Salisbury mayor—has been charged with two misdemeanors. She is currently on administrative leave from the school for possession of a controlled substance and contributing to certain conditions of a child. The teacher had attempted to buy Concerta and Vyvanse from a student.

The incident happened in early December 2019. A 16-year-old student was approached by the teacher at school in the hallway. The teacher asked the student for their ADHD drugs. The student did not have any drugs in their possession. The teacher then asked the student to ask their friends for drugs.

The communication did not end there. The teacher also contacted the student via social media. She would ask the child for drugs via texts and Snapchat. The teacher asked the student to delete any messages related to the medication request.

The student contact authorities about the situation. On December 9, under direction from detectives, the student contacted the teacher on Snapchat and told her the price was $20 for two pills. The teacher asked the student to call her. The victim did call her, but allowed detectives to record the conversation. The two agreed to meet by the school lockers the next day to make the sale.

A detective arrived and seized the teacher’s phone as part of the investigation. A search showed that the woman had looked up “How to be prescribed Concerta” and “How to convince a doctor to prescribe Vyvanse.”

The teacher turned herself in on December 20 and she was charged with two misdemeanor crimes. She met with a district court commissioner and was then released on her own recognizance. This decision was based on the fact that the crime was considered minor in nature and that the woman had no criminal history.

The teacher is currently on administrative leave. Wicomico County Public Schools is cooperating with the investigation.

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Asking a student, child or anyone else for drugs—whether they are illegal or prescription in nature— is never acceptable. Drug overdoses are becoming an epidemic in this country, and there are strict laws in place to keep people safe.

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