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Maryland police arrest man on drug charge after brief chase

What makes a defendant attempt to flee from police? Although there are many potential answers to this question, not all of them may be indicative of an individual’s guilt. In order to make this determination, a close examination of the facts may be necessary, especially in cases where a drug charge has been brought as a result of the Maryland police encounter.

Police have alleged that a man attempted to flee from them after they tried to get him to exit a vehicle. Police stopped the 29-year-old man for an undisclosed traffic violation. When they made contact with the man they, for an unknown reason, asked him to get out of his car.

Instead of complying with the order, police report that the man tried to run away. The man was taken into custody shortly thereafter. During the chase the man is alleged to have dropped a package. Police were able to locate the suspect package and determined that it contained a large quantity of cocaine.

The man was taken into custody and is currently being held at a local jail. It is unclear when the man will make his initial appearance in court. At that time, more of the details will likely be disclosed by Maryland prosecutors as to the evidence that supports the drug charge. If it is discovered through a review of this evidence that police overstepped their bounds with regards to the exit order or other investigative acts, an argument may be made that the evidence gathered as a result of the violation should be excluded from the defendant’s trial.

Source:, Foot chase leads to drug arrest, No author, Sept. 7, 2013

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