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Maryland police arrest 15 on drug charges

An investigation into alleged drug trafficking can take a substantial amount of time for police to put together. Often using confidential informants and undercover officers, Maryland law enforcement will work to build a case that they can present to prosecutors in the hope that they will issue drug charges against specified individuals. In a recent arrest, police have rounded up 15 people and charged them with various drug offenses after they were alleged to have been involved in a marijuana distribution ring.

The investigation began in 2010 when police received a tip about alleged drug distribution in Hartford Country. Law enforcement then began to conduct an investigation at the street level, looking to work their way into the purported organization. Officers used wiretaps and other investigative methods to gather evidence on the alleged drug activity.

After enough evidence was gathered, police executed a search warrant. As a result of the warrant, police allegedly seized 140 pounds of marijuana, several firearms and a large amount of cash. Police have stated that their investigation revealed that the group was smuggling marijuana in from California and selling it on Maryland streets.

An arrest of this magnitude may prompt questions as to the validity of the drug charges that have been issued by Maryland law enforcement. Although police may state they have enough evidence to charge each individual with a crime, a closer look at the evidence may paint a more obscure picture. By taking a critical look at all the evidence, it may be discovered that some of the individuals caught up in the arrest did not knowingly take part in any criminal act and, as a result, should be entitled to a dismissal of the charges. Regardless, prosecutors must prove the charges against each accused person individually by clear and competent proof that meets the stringent requirements of our criminal justice system. Without doing so, no conviction can be obtained.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “15 arrested in connection with pot smuggling ring tied to California,” Erika Butler, May 22, 2013

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