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2 Maryland fans charged with assault at baseball game

Baseball games are fun and exciting to attend. Fans get sucked into the game and can really get emotionally involved in how well one’s team is playing. Sometimes, though, when emotions are already high because of the action of the game, different personalities can clash, which may sometimes cause a fight. Due to an incident at a recent Maryland home field game, two Baltimore Orioles fans are charged with assault after one allegedly hit another man.

One of the suspects allegedly threw his beer at the victim who was wearing a Yankees baseball cap. The victim scaled a wall about 5-foot high to argue face-to-face with the two suspects. One suspect is said to have punched the victim who fell back over the wall and hit the concrete, resulting in serious head injuries.

Assaults at Maryland’s Camden Yards stadium have been rare, according to police records. Stadiums have taken measures in an attempt to prevent violence, such as limiting alcohol accessibility. Camden Yards has also started a texting service where fans can text security if any incidents occur.

Instead of seeking help from security, the victim apparently decided to take matters in his own hands, go out of his way and confront the two suspects. As the accused men turn their focus to defending themselves, the specific sequence of events as they unfolded may play an important role in the coming criminal proceedings. The issue of self defense may be raised if investigation suggests that the two individuals simply reacted to a man who confronted them, with the fall over the wall beyond their control. Both accused men face assault and disorderly conduct charges. The incident remains under investigation, and any evidence uncovered must be reviewed within the context of the formal allegations made; allegations that must now be proved in court by competent and relevant evidence that is beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source: Baltimore Sun, “After Camden Yards assault, Orioles fans speak out,” Yvonne Wenger, June 7, 2013

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