Maryland man claims statements in criminal charges not valid

Recently in Maryland, a man charged with the shooting of another man was granted a hearing concerning statements he allegedly made to law enforcement. The man claims that he gave statements to arresting officers concerning criminal charges that were being filed against him while he was not sober. The judge who presided over the hearing determined that video evidence will be reviewed before proceeding further.

The statements in question concern whether the man may have implicated himself in the shooting for which he has been charged. The crime occurred in April, but police did not make any arrests until several weeks later. At that time, the man was stopped by officers outside of the local courthouse as he was driving past. Officers blocked his car and took him into custody.

However, while the man did sign a form indicating his consent to questioning, he now says that he was not of sound mind when he did so. He claims he felt forced into making statements while he was still under the effects of pain killers and a few other substances. He has further stated that he was intimidated and believed he was not allowed to refuse to answer any questions at the time.

Now, while the judge schedules a review of the interrogation, the case has been delayed. If this man did not knowingly consent to questioning and he made statements that could be construed as incriminating himself, then he has the right to request that the statements be inadmissible as evidence.Nevertheless, the ruling as to their admissibility will be made by the court after considering all of the relevant evidence. The criminal charges that have been filed against this man are serious, and he is entitled under Maryland laws to ensure that his rights have been safeguarded and not compromised as he seeks to provide the best possible defense concerning the case that authorities are prosecuting against him.

Source:, Hagerstown shooting suspect says he was under influence when he made statement, Don Aines, Nov. 13, 2013

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