Maryland adoption laws and international adoptions

In Maryland, an adoption immigration lawyer frequently encounters people who would like to consider adopting a child from another country. A Howard County adoption lawyer is knowledgeable about the paperwork that needs to be filled out, the rules that must be followed and how best to go about the process. Assistance with Maryland adoption laws can be crucial.


International adoptions are, in many cases, done with the best interests of the child and family making the adoption in mind. In other instances, however, there are people without the best of intentions. Some are partaking in international adoptions to take advantage of those who are desperately seeking a child. International adoption is a big business and the attempts to make it safer and legal are slowing the number of adoptions that are completed.

Roughly ten years ago, over 20,000 international adoptions took place in the United States. Last year, that number dropped by more than half. The tightening of the regulations as well as the costs of international adoption make it more difficult for an adoption immigration lawyer to assist a family interested in bringing a child to the United States.

The legal issues that must be navigated are coming under greater scrutiny in the international realm. Family attorneys commonly handle situations with children such as custody, alimony, visitation, as well as issues with adoption, whether it is international or local.

In the circumstances of international adoption, an adoption immigration lawyer can assist in understanding everything that goes into bringing a child from overseas to the United States.


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