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Maryland man accused of theft spree as well as drug charges

A 31-year-old man has been arrested after a series of crimes that reportedly occurred in Cecil County. The investigating Maryland officers suspect that the man is responsible for at least one burglary out of a string of over a dozen that have taken place within a period of about three months. The man is accused of theft and other charges.

Between Nov. 4 and Jan. 26, approximately 15 residences and businesses were burglarized in Cecil County. The report does not detail what led officers to expect the man. Nevertheless, they were able to execute a search warrant on his residence. The authorities claim to have found items that were purportedly stolen once they gained access to the residence.

The investigators also allegedly found unspecified amounts of heroin, oxycodone and marijuana. Five individuals who were in the residence at the time were arrested, and one of the persons is also charged in relation to the string of thefts. The report states that the investigating officers believe several other suspects were involved in the crimes, and they expect to arrest more suspects as the investigation continues.

As in cases where multiple persons are suspected of being involved with the same crimes, it is likely that the investigation will continue. Furthermore, as authorities continue to probe, it is likely that new evidence will surface. It is also possible that this new evidence might reveal details that could benefit the man’s criminal defense. By the end of the investigation, if sufficient evidence is not found for the prosecution to present in court in an attempt to prove the Maryland man’s theft and drug accusations beyond a reasonable doubt, then the charges against him may ultimately be reduced or dropped.

Source: abc2news.com, State police arrest man in connection with North East burglary spree, No author, Jan. 30, 2014

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