Maryland domestic violence laws in place to protect victims

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to try and protect victims from a dangerous situation with a spouse, acquaintance or stranger. Contacting an Ann Arundel domestic violence lawyer is a step that victims of domestic abuse might want to take to find out how they can protect themselves from repeated incidents that could escalate.

Innocuous incidents over negligible subjects can become very dangerous if they are allowed to fester. This is true for regular people and celebrities as well. One recent occurrence involved soap opera actor Aiden Turner of “All My Children.” The actor, who has also appeared on “Dancing with the Stars,” had an altercation with his girlfriend. Mr. Turner is accused of throwing the television remote control at her and injuring her eye. She received a cut and a black eye as a result. Mr. Turner was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence. The charges are expected to be reduced to a misdemeanor.

A Maryland domestic violence lawyer frequently sees clients who have been harmed in this manner. Sometimes they are reluctant or confused as to how the situation should be handled. Maryland domestic violence laws give people who have been abused options such as a protective order against a relative. There is also something known as a peace order if the violence was committed by a neighbor, someone with whom the victim is acquainted, or a complete stranger. These are legal ways for a victim to be protected.

As in the case with Mr. Turner, the incident might seem to be isolated. That does not mean it is not going to happen again and become worse. Those who face domestic abuse would be advised to contact a Maryland domestic violence lawyer to discuss the possible options to protect themselves and their children from further abuse.

Source: New York Daily News, Aiden Turner arrested for domestic violence after allegedly throwing remote control at girlfriend: report,” Zayda Rivera, Nov. 26, 2013

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