Man accused of speeding up to 115 mph, causing fatal car crash

A Maryland man suspected of causing a fatal car accident while allegedly driving under the influence of drugs has recently been offered a plea deal in his criminal defense. Maryland police suspect that the man was speeding at speeds up to 115 mph before causing the fatal accident. He faces up to 21 years in prison if convicted on all of his charges.

According to the police report, the crash occurred in April outside of Baltimore City Hall. Police say that the man’s speeding vehicle crashed completely through a light pole, hitting a 45-year-old finance employee and a tree before overturning. The arresting officer also claims that heroin and heroin paraphernalia were discovered inside the man’s vehicle.

The man was arrested and formally charged with vehicular manslaughter as well as various drug offenses that carry a 21-year prison sentence if he is convicted. However, upon looking further into the report, state police commanders expressed concern that the man could have been improperly chased from I-83 into the city. Evidence shows that the arresting officer was following very closely behind the man during the chase without his siren and lights on, and he even stopped at a red light during the alleged chase.

As the Maryland man’s criminal proceedings move forward, he is faced with many directions from which he must choose. If he chooses to accept the plea deal, he will most likely plead guilty to one or more charges against him in exchange for a reduced sentence. However, if he rejects the deal and chooses to go to trial, it might be shown in court that the arresting officer did not follow proper procedure in pursuing the allegedly speeding vehicle, and one or more of the charges against him could be lessened or even removed from the court record. The man would benefit by analyzing information regarding his options in order to make the best decision.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Driver in Baltimore City Hall crash hit 115 mph before fatal incident, report says, Justin Fenton and Justin George, Dec. 3, 2013

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