Maryland domestic violence laws can protect an abused person

Violations of Maryland domestic violence laws are taken very seriously by the authorities. Victims are frequently afraid to contact an Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer for fear of making the situation worse. However, when there is domestic abuse taking place, one of the options a victim has is to seek help from a Maryland domestic violence lawyer.

A 26-year-old man was placed under arrest for possible false imprisonment and domestic abuse. The alleged assault occurred at the home of his girlfriend. He is said to have physically abused her and threatened to kill her if she contacted police. The woman ran to a fast-food establishment seeking help and police were called.

Police found the man driving in the vicinity of the restaurant and stopped him. During the stop, police found that he had been drinking. The man was charged for the alleged abuse and for driving while intoxicated.

When spousal abuse is occurring, it affects the person who is being abused as well as the entire family. If there is abuse, there are steps that can be taken to stop the abuser from continuing the cycle of violence. Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to help those who are abused by providing the victim with options such as a protective order or a peace order. These are designed to keep the abused person out of harm’s way while the alleged abuser provides financial support. A protective order is used when there is abuse between a married couple, a couple that shares a child, or one that has lived together for at least the previous 90 days. A peace order is for protection from an acquaintance, a stranger or a neighbor.

In this case, the woman was allegedly being abused and threatened by her boyfriend. She ran away seeking help before the situation grew worse. In cases such as this, a person would be wise to contact a Maryland domestic violence lawyer for assistance before the violence gets out of hand.

Source: Napa Valley Register, “Restaurant call leads to domestic abuse arrest,” Jan. 6, 2014

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