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Man faces theft charges for 5 Anne Arundel robberies

After a string of approximately five robberies, a man was recently taken into police custody and charged for the crimes. Anne Arundel police arrested the man nearly two months after the first incident, and the report is unclear on why the man was suspected and charged. Nevertheless, the man faces serious theft charges for his supposed crimes.

According to the report, the first crime occurred on Nov. 9 in Glen Burnie. A woman claimed that she was on her way to visit a family member when the suspect attempted to steal her purse from her at gunpoint. The next day, the man is accused of committing more crimes, including the robbery of two local restaurants and an attempted robbery of a grocery store.

At around 6:45 p.m., the man allegedly robbed a pizza parlor, and then at 8:15 he purportedly robbed a different restaurant. Sometime after 9 p.m., the man supposedly attempted to rob a Food Lion as well, but the report suggests that he was unsuccessful during this attempt. Days later, on Nov. 15, a BP gas station in Millersville was also robbed, and police suspect that this man is responsible.

The report is entirely unclear on why Anne Arundel police believe this man to be responsible for all of these theft charges; however, he now faces 35 charges, including multiple theft charges for his alleged involvement in the five robberies. The trial will heavily depend on the admissible evidence used by the against the man. It is certainly possible that, as the investigation moves forward, more details and possibly new evidence could emerge that the defense may be able to use to the man’s benefit.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Arundel police arrest man in connection with five robberies, Yvonne Wenger, Jan. 10, 2014

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