Man violates Maryland domestic violence laws in assault on woman

Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to protect a person who is being abused. Because there is so much potential for damage from domestic violence, it is in everyone’s best interest to try and put a stop to it before it escalates. An Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer encounters many kinds of cases linked to domestic incidents. Whether the incident is a first time occurrence or is a pattern of behavior, it is imperative that the abused person takes steps to stop the abuse.

A man has been arrested for physically assaulting the woman with whom he shares a four-year-old son. The 39-year-old man is alleged to have placed the woman in handcuffs in the bedroom of his residence. The woman was punched and stabbed. She was also beaten with a baseball bat that the man also attempted to use to sexually abuse her. When the woman was allowed to use the bathroom, she escaped out a window and ran for help. The man was arrested and faces numerous charges including assault and sexual-related crimes. The child was in the home at the time this alleged assault was occurring.

People who are victims of abuse have options such as a protective order and a peace order. The protective order is designed for people who are being abused by a spouse, by someone with whom they share a child or someone with whom they’ve lived for at least the previous 90 days. A peace order is for protection from a neighbor, acquaintance or a stranger. A Maryland domestic violence lawyer will explain the process of getting orders of protection from the interim order to the temporary order to the final order. There are also ways in which a person can receive child support, custody and financial assistance from the abuser.

In this case, the woman apparently told the man that she was putting an end to their relationship. He responded by committing a series of acts that got him arrested and he now faces a litany of charges. When there is abuse going on, the person who is being victimized needs to understand that there are protections in place to put a stop to it. Speaking to a Maryland domestic violence lawyer is a good first step to take action and stop the abuse from continuing.

Source: Gazette.Net, “Man arrested for torture of woman,” Lindsay Renner, May 14, 2014

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