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Criminal charges brought against man accused of stabbing friend

A man has recently been arrested in Glen Burnie and charged with murder after a homicide at a medical facility. The victim was apparently stabbed 30 times inside the Anne Arundel, and the authorities have arrested her friend, who was supposedly there to help her clean that day. The 25-year-old faces serious criminal charges for his alleged connection with the crime.

The local authorities arrived at the scene at around 8:45 a.m., and they found that the victim had died from apparent stab wounds. The woman was supposed to clean the medical facility, but that day she brought a friend to help her. The friend then became the lead suspect in the case. The investigators also suspect that the two were involved in the heroin trade in the area.

The investigators have hypothesized that the friend killed the victim in order to steal her heroin and cash. The man was chosen as a suspect after talking to the victims family and other friends. The authorities supposedly found surveillance photos of the man walking into the shoe store without shoes, supposedly since his other shoes had blood on them. The shoes have not been found.

The man faces criminal charges, including second-degree murder, reckless endangerment and assault. It is typical for the police to initially suspect the victim’s friends and family when a homicide is committed. However, there are apparent problems concerning the motive that the Anne Arundel authorities have tried to form against the man. As the man begins to work with his criminal defense team, he may choose to highlight these problems as he defends against his accusations.

Source:, “Police make arrest in connection with Glen Burnie homicide”, George Lettis, May 16, 2014

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