Man gives homeless man money, then is allegedly robbed by him

Oscar Wilde once said, “No good deed is left unpunished.” This often-heard quote means that an act of goodness will backfire. That’s certainly the case after a man gives a homeless man money and then is allegedly attacked and robbed by the same man.

The incident allegedly occurred in Glen Burnie, Maryland, on Christmas Eve. According to police, officers were dispatched to the report of a stabbing. The 41-year-old victim told police that a man had approached him, talking about how he was robbed recently. The man, who police say is a 52-year-old homeless man, accepted a few dollars from the alleged victim. The victim then began walking away.

The police say the homeless man allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed in the head the man who had just given him cash. The victim is said to have asked the homeless man why he was doing it, to which the man replied that “he was not going to be poor on Christmas.” The homeless allegedly threatened the victim, saying that if he didn’t give up his cash, he would be stabbed again and then set on fire. The homeless man reportedly searched the victim’s pockets, taking the money he found.

Police located the man shortly after learning of the crime, and also found the knife that was allegedly used. Police said that the victim identified the homeless man as his attacker, who was then arrested.

Violent crimes such as this require a strong defense. If you are facing such charges, you can learn more about the possible penalties and defense strategies from an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Source:, “Homeless man stabs, robs man in Glen Burnie,” Dec. 28, 2015

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