Child support orders include several points and may need changes

When parents aren’t in a relationship any longer, taking care of the children they have together must be a top priority. Child support that is ordered through the court is one way that the court can ensure children are being cared for by both parents. In Maryland, the amount of child support that a non-custodial parent must pay is determined by statutes and guidelines. We acknowledge that trying to decipher the guidelines and statutes can be complex.

We recently discussed how a child support order might include different instructions for handling medical care costs. This is only one example of how child support orders can differ greatly from one case to another.

An interesting point about child support orders is that they sometimes need to be changed. These changes are called modifications. They can occur in a variety of situations, including if the paying parent changes jobs, gets a promotion or demotion, or has significant changes in his or her financial circumstances.

We can help you to determine if your child support case would qualify for a modification under Maryland laws. If your case does qualify, we can help you to prepare your petition and move through the court system.

Whether you are the paying parent or the recipient of child support, we can help you to learn about how the child support guidelines and statutes apply to your case. If you think that your orders need to be modified, it is critical that you get started right away. If you are paying too much or receiving too little, you can’t get those issues corrected until your petition is filed.

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