Man accused of theft after armed robbery in Maryland home

A second suspect in an alleged Kent County home invasion has recently been arrested on 29 different criminal charges. The man as well as another suspect are accused of breaking into a Maryland home with nine occupants and committing an armed robbery. He must now begin to form his criminal defense against these numerous theft and other charges.

On Feb. 2, the two men supposedly entered the home, brandished handguns and demanded cash from the three adults who were downstairs at the time. Two more adults and four young children were upstairs during the alleged home invasion. One of the victims claims that he handed a suspect a $100 bill, and the two suspects then left the home. No one was hurt during the alleged incident.

Even though the men reportedly wore hooded sweatshirts and bandanas over their faces, two of the victims were able to purportedly identify the first suspect by his voice because they claimed to have known him. Another victim claimed to have recognized the second suspect by the portion of his face that was still exposed. The police arrested the second suspect after a traffic stop. Some of the charges he faces include nine counts of reckless endangerment, three counts of armed robbery and three different degrees of burglary.

While the sheer number of charges that the Maryland man faces may seem alarming, in reality, it could be difficult for convictions on all of the charges to be obtained. Since no guns were found during the initial investigation, it seems as if the only evidence that the officers have is the testimony of one of the victims who claimed that he recognized the second suspect just by a portion of his face that was not covered by a bandana. Based off of this testimony alone, it could be hard for the prosecution to convict him of theft or of the other charges. Nevertheless, all precautions should be taken into consideration in the man’s criminal defense so that his rights are safeguarded through every step of the process.

Source:, Police arrest 2nd suspect in home invasion, Trish McGee, Feb. 26, 2014

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