Couple face theft charges for fake poker chips at Maryland casino

Two people have been arrested under accusations of using fake poker chips. The two are accused of buying counterfeit chips made to look like Maryland Live! Casino $100 chips and attempting to use them in the facility. The woman and her husband face theft charges relating to their accusations.

Investigators suspect that the case began when the husband bought approximately $150,000 worth of counterfeit chips on the Internet for only $12,000. The investigators claim that the two attempted to discard the remaining chips in a lake near their home, but the chips floated on top of the water. The authorities were able to recover approximately $115,000 worth of the fake chips.

The two are accused of using the fake $100 chips in multiple poker games last month. It is not entirely clear why the police suspect these individuals of the purported crimes, nor is it clear how they were able to find the two individuals. Nevertheless, they both were arrested and face different charges; the wife faces two counts of conspiracy to commit theft and one count of theft between $1,000 and $10,000, and the husband faces one count of conspiracy to commit theft and one count of committing a theft scheme. The authorities are reportedly still looking for two more potential suspects who they believe may have been involved in the case as well.

There are many elements to this alleged crime that will each have to be fully proven and will each have to be linked back to both the wife and her husband if a conviction is to be made. Naturally, this process may be complicated, and as the Maryland investigation continues, it is possible that some of the evidence may not match up to the couple. If there is insufficient evidence to convict the two on one or more theft charges, then those charges could be dropped or at least reduced.

Source:, Police Arrest Two For Allegedly Using Fake Poker Chips At Maryland Casino, Brian Pempus, Feb. 27, 2014

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