Man accused of assault against elderly woman

A case of assault against an elderly individual typically makes significant media headlines. Even though it can be emotional, it is important to remember that the person accused is only facing charges and has not been convicted. In a recent case in Maryland, a man has been accused of sexual assault against a 98-year-old woman. While the charges are very disturbing, it remains unclear why the authorities suspect this man of committing the crime.

The authorities responded to the woman’s home at about 7:45 p.m., and she was reportedly lying on her floor. The investigators asked her what had happened. She told them that, earlier the same day, a man came to the back door of her house and asked if she needed a gardener. She told the man that she already had a gardener, so he left. However, he returned a few hours later, and this time he asked to enter her home.

The woman decided to let the man into her home, but she asked him to leave after a while. The woman then claimed that the man pushed her to the ground, causing her to break her hip. At that point, she used her medical alarm to call for help. She believes that the man tried to rape her.

What led the Maryland police to suspect this man is entirely unclear. Nevertheless, he has been charged with first-degree assault, third-degree sex offense and first-degree rape. As the investigation continues, it is possible that more evidence could come up that might lead the investigators to another suspect. In that case, the charges against the man may be reduced or dropped. Meanwhile, he must take every reasonable step to protect his legal rights during this process.

Source:, “Man arrested in assault of elderly woman in Rodgers Forge home”, Saliqa Khan, May 1, 2014

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