Divorce lawyers’ request to unseal case granted

Divorce laws in Maryland must be understood when choosing to end a marriage. A Howard County divorce lawyer sees many different kinds of divorces and knows how to handle them from beginning to end. Whether it’s a prominent couple who have a great deal of wealth to sift through, a working husband and wife who decide to end their marriage amicably or a couple with children and an extended disagreement as to the future living arrangements, all can be assisted by experienced divorce lawyers.

A county executive who had sought to have her divorce sealed saw the agreement to seal the record overturned. The woman’s husband filed for divorce in late March. On the first day of April, the request to seal the records was granted. In general, a decision to seal a divorce proceeding must be done via hearing. The original granting of the seal request was done without a hearing. The decision to seal was vacated until there can be a hearing. The husband had no comment, but the filing states that there is a disagreement regarding their children and the ability to pay for private school.

Divorces can run the gamut from easy to very difficult. Depending on the circumstances, there might be separation agreements to be negotiated; issues with children and custody; child support; alimony; dividing marital property; and the possibility of protective orders to prevent spousal abuse. There can be many other issues. Even in the most amicable divorces, it is still important for the participants to protect themselves and their interests. The strategy divorce lawyers will use depends on the circumstances and will be applicable to the specific case.

In this divorce proceeding, the wife wanted the case sealed due to her public profile and it was granted against the husband’s wishes. That decision was overturned. The divorce is moving forward and the request to seal will need to be dealt with in a hearing. This case is being complicated by the public nature of the proceeding and disagreement as to it being publicly available. In any divorce case, there might be issues surrounding the interpretation of divorce laws in Maryland. A person contemplating divorce should discuss the matter with an experienced attorney before moving forward.

Source: CapitalGazette.com, “Anne Arundel executive’s divorce unsealed,” Tim Prudente, May 6, 2014

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