Long investigation yields 5 arrests for drug charges for ‘spice’

As part of an investigation spanning almost two years, three gas stations in Frederick County have recently been searched and arrests were made. The Maryland authorities believe that the owners and managers of the gas stations, a 53-year-old and a 46-year-old, were involved in the distribution of an illegal synthetic marijuana known as “spice.” Both men, along with three others, face drug charges stemming from the accusations.

Local, state and federal authorities collaborated to serve four search warrants as well as five arrest warrants against the persons they believed were involved in the “spice” operation. Supposedly, an undercover officer bought the drug at one of the gas stations. A package containing it was also allegedly intercepted on its way to one of the gas stations.

The investigation also supposedly uncovered that two of the gas stations were operating without the proper paperwork. The details of the arrests were not publicly released, but the two owners and managers that the authorities suspect were ringleaders were each given 45-count indictments. The specific charges that they face are unclear.

When investigations take such a long time before an arrest is made, like in this scenario, it can sometimes indicate that the authorities may not have the strongest case against the individuals. In that event, with such a long investigation into the alleged drug charges, there may well be evidence found that would work to benefit of one or more of the accused Maryland residents. The defense team for each individual charged will likely want to scrutinize each specific piece of evidence that the prosecution plans to offer against them in court in order to formulate relevant legal challenges as the case moves forward.

Source: your4state.com, “Three Frederick County Gas Stations Indicted for “Spice” Distribution After Raid”, , May 20, 2014

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