Divorce laws in Maryland lead to case remaining unsealed

Divorce laws in Maryland apply to everyone regardless of what they do for a living. Whether it’s a celebrity, politician or regular, everyday working person, all must follow the law when they are going through a divorce. A Howard County divorce lawyer sees many different situations when handling a divorce proceeding. They may have to do with financial issues, personal issues or the simple desire on the part of one side or the other to have the case sealed so the public won’t be aware of its details.

An ongoing divorce between a county executive and her husband is again in the news. The executive had sought to have the case sealed. At the beginning of April, the case was sealed without a hearing. However, the media had requested that the case be unsealed. When the case finally came before a judge, the judge denied the request to have file sealed. She had wanted to keep the case out of the public eye to spare the couple’s children embarrassment. The woman is also running for county executive and it was said that the case could influence the primary election in which she is running. The judge cited the law that states there must be special and compelling circumstances to grant such a request and held that such circumstances did not exist in this instance.

There are many different situations that may be encountered when dealing with a divorce. There are complex issues that must be worked out when a couple decides to end their marriage. These can include child custody, spousal support, visitation rights, the possibility that there was abuse in the marriage and much more. Whether it’s a difficult or amicable divorce, the attorney will do whatever possible to make the case go as smoothly as possible to achieve a favorable result.

For people who are divorcing and have concerns about the possible problems from a case being open to the public or for any other reason, their first step should be to discuss the matter with an experienced divorce lawyer.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Judge orders Neuman divorce case to remain open,” Pamela Wood, May 21, 2014

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