Does Maryland allow the use of cameras to stop speeding drivers?

As you drive along the roadways in Maryland, you might notice signs near road construction work zones warning you to follow the speed limit. These signs might include a notice that the speed limit is photo enforced. That sign isn’t an empty warning. If you speed through the work zone, there is a chance that you will receive a speeding ticket in the mail.

What construction zones might have automated speed enforcement?

Construction zones that are in controlled access roadways and have a speed limit of at least 45 miles per hour might have photo enforced speed limit controls. Construction zones on expressways might also have ASEs. Signs along the roadway alert drivers that the photo enforcement methods are used to catch speeding drivers.

When will citations be issued?

Citations, which are currently set at $40, are issued if the driver is driving 12 mph or more than the posted speed limit for the work zone. The money collected from these citations go to the Maryland SafeZones program.

Can I fight these citations?

It is possible to fight a speeding ticket. There are several different defense options that might apply to your case. Speeding because of an emergency and driving at a safe speed for the current conditions are two of those options.

When you are facing a speeding ticket, you should be aware of all the effects it can have on your life. For example, if driving is part of your job, your employer might have to take action because of a speeding ticket. In some cases, you might lose your job. You might also notice an increase in your insurance costs. For those reasons, you should think carefully about how you will respond to the speeding ticket.

Source: Maryland Safezones, “Maryland Law,” accessed Oct. 12, 2015

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