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Billionaire and former wife reach accord in divorce

The parties in the divorce between billionaire Ken Griffin, a hedge fund manager, and Anne Dias, the managing partner and founder of Aragon Global Management, announced this week that they reached a settlement agreement.

Although no details were released at this time, the settlement was reached on Day 3 of the couple’s divorce in a Chicago courtroom.

Although Griffin initially filed his petition for divorce more than a year ago, he and Dias have been actively battling it out through their attorneys.

Griffin, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel Investment Group, has an approximate net worth of $7 billion, as reported by Forbes.

This past January, Dias petitioned the court for a million dollars per month for expenses related to child-rearing. However, Griffin countered that his wife’s request was made in order to fund the “opulent lifestyle” to which she had become accustomed during the marriage.

When high profile couples with enormous assets split up, most are loathe to have their financial transactions splayed out across the media. For some, this can be every bit as distressing as sharing the intimate details of their relationships that caused the marriages to crash and burn in the first place.

When discretion is a must, it is vital to seek out an experienced family law attorney who understands the value of keeping juicy tidbits and extraneous financial details under wraps and away from any unnecessary prying eyes. It can sometimes be beneficial to interview several candidates to handle the divorce before deciding on the one who is the best fit for the job.

Source: CNBC, “Settlement reached in hedge fund manager Ken Griffin divorce case,” Fred Imbert, Oct. 07, 2015

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