Divorce lawyers try to settle 12-year-old case

When a couple chooses to end their marriage, a Maryland divorce lawyer will be familiar with all the circumstances that surround any type of divorce. When a Howard County divorce lawyer is handling a high net worth divorce, there will be numerous aspects that have to be settled so both sides can move on feeling satisfied that they have been treated fairly. A person involved in a divorce is frequently concerned with receiving or holding onto the maximum amount from the marriage according to divorce laws in Maryland.

A 73-year-old attorney and his wife have been going through the divorce process for 12 years. The man resides in a home that is worth an estimated $7 million. While he is living in the home, the property is in a trust for his granddaughter. He asserts that his only income is $2,500 per month from Social Security. According to the man, his wife is interested in money above all else. In addition, he states that she was deceptive about her net worth as she has an inheritance from her father worth $1.2 million. The wife claims that the husband is intentionally delaying the divorce. The couple was married in 1971 and has two children.

There are likely to be issues in any divorce and a Maryland divorce lawyer is familiar with all of them. There could be disputes regarding spousal support, child custody and visitation rights. There might be disagreements regarding marital property. Or there could be allegations of abuse and the need to have a protective order. In some instances, the couple is able to come to a reasonable agreement as to the end of their marriage without rancor and extended court proceedings. In others, they fight over everything and the case drags on for years. Regardless of the situation, divorce lawyers can adapt to their client’s needs and best interests.

This is an extreme case and involves a high net worth divorce with both sides lodging complaints about the other. When a couple is involved in a high net worth divorce, the first thing they should do is discuss the matter with a Maryland divorce lawyer.

Source: NewYork.CBSLocal.com, “Long Island Man In 12-Year Divorce: Only Thing She Sees Is Money,” Mar. 5, 2014

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