16-year-old arrested for armed robbery, theft in Maryland

A teenager was recently arrested in Sykesville after an Exxon gas station was reportedly robbed. The Maryland police officers suspect that the 16-year-old threatened the clerk with a weapon and stole some merchandise. He is expected to be tried as an adult for his alleged theft.

The police responded to a call at about 4 a.m. pertaining to a robbery at the Exxon. When the police arrived, the clerk stated that a man came into the Exxon, brandished a knife and threatened him. The clerk reportedly asked the man if he was serious, and the man responded by going behind the counter, showing the knife and demanding that the clerk give him cash from the register.

The clerk began to open the register, but the man then purportedly starting putting cartons of cigarettes into his backpack. The clerk supposedly tackled the man, and he was cut on his wrist in the process. It is not clear whether the suspect intentionally cut the clerk or if it was just an accident that occurred during the scuffle. The clerk reportedly chased the suspect out of the door, and the man left on a skateboard. The police reportedly found items at the man’s residence that matched the surveillance tapes.

As the Maryland teenager’s criminal proceedings move forward, especially since he is so young, making sure that his rights are protected through every step of his armed robbery and theft case will be crucial. His defense team will most likely attempt to move his case to juvenile court instead of adult court since juvenile courts tend to focus more on rehabilitating an individual rather than imposing a harsh sentence. A good defense would certainly be beneficial for this young man.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Liberty High junior arrested in Exxon armed robbery, Blair Ames, March 11, 2014

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