Divorce During Pregnancy

If you’re struggling to save your marriage, you may be ready to throw in the towel. But what if you’re pregnant? Will you be allowed to get a divorce while you’re with child, or will you have to endure another nine months—or more—of emotional or physical torture?

The good news is that you can get a divorce in Maryland whether or not you’re pregnant. However, divorce is a complicated enough process when someone is not pregnant. If you’re pregnant, child custody and support issues will be harder to sort out. The husband may be asked to pay his share of the pregnancy- and labor-related expenses, such as prenatal care and hospitalization. In addition, he may be required to provide the child with medical coverage once he or she is born.

Paternity issues may also apply. It is often assumed that the spouse is the father of the child. However, there is also the possibility that the child is the result of an affair, which is why the woman may desire a divorce at this point. That’s why paternity testing should be done to confirm the identity of the father. The court can then move forward from there.

Get Support

Emotional support from others is crucial during this time. This is especially true when you’re expecting. Divorcing while pregnant is a difficult decision, so you need someone who will stand by you and support you. Steer clear from people who are negative toward you and your decision. As the baby’s mother, you must do what is right based on the state of your marriage. Be assertive and set boundaries.

Couples counseling can be helpful during this time, even if you do decide to proceed with a divorce. If your spouse is the baby’s father, then you’ll both want to be on the same page as you decide on how to raise the child together. Therapy can help you deal with feelings of anger and resentment toward your husband so you can focus on raising our child in the best possible way.

Support should also come from your lawyer. Some lawyers may have negative feelings about dealing with pregnant, divorcing women. Therefore, you should take the time to find someone who has compassion for your situation and is willing to advocate on your behalf. The right lawyer will also have knowledge about the laws that apply in these unique situations.

Contact a Maryland Divorce Lawyer Today

Life does not always go as planned. Many women have made the decision to divorce, only to find out that they are pregnant. While you can still get divorced, the process will no doubt take longer and be much more complicated.

You’ll need as much help as possible as you navigate through divorce and pregnancy simultaneously. The Columbia divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. understands that this is an emotional process and will help you maintain your physical and emotional health. To schedule a free consultation, call (410) 774-5987 or fill out the online form. We have two offices to serve you.




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