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D.C. man charged in Maryland credit card thefts

A D.C. man has been charged for the second time in the past two months for crimes related to credit card fraud and theft, according to electronic court records. The records state that the 22-year-old man was charged with 26 counts of theft and related charges in May after he was accused of breaking into lockers to steal wallets in a Westminster gym.

On June 4, he was charged in an apparent repeat performance of the earlier crime; the man allegedly stole a wallet from a locker in a Mount Airy gym on April 19. Charging documents note that the purported victim of the theft received a call from his bank notifying him that his credit cards had been used to purchase some $3000 worth of gift cards at a Damascus pharmacy. The pharmacy supervisor stated that three different individuals used the credit cards to purchase the gift cards, according to police.

The alleged credit card thief has been charged with Man charged with additional counts of identity theft, credit card fraud”, Heather Cobun , June 05, 2014

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