Child support enforcement catches man behind on payments

When a couple has gone their separate ways but shares a child, it’s important that the child is cared for properly. One of the most frequent issues a Howard County child support lawyer sees is a parent who is supposed to be providing support, but is failing to do so. Child support enforcement is treated very seriously and parentS who do not fulfill their obligations will be subject to numerous penalties until they are caught up in their payments. In some cases, these penalties grouped without other violations, which make the problems far worse.

For instance, recently a man who had a warrant against him for failing to pay child support was arrested after a traffic stop. The man, 40, was also wanted for assault. During the traffic stop in which the man was a passenger in the vehicle, he gave a false name to the police officer. When the officer investigated, he discovered that the man was not who he said he was and that there were warrants out for his arrest.

He now faces numerous charges in addition to the more than $2,100 he owes in child support.

When a couple shares a child, numerous issues must be resolved. Alimony, child support, custody, visitation rights, paternity and much more can come to the forefront. In many instances, the couple will work together in the best interests of the child and put their differences aside. In others, there are disputes over everything.

But the one thing that is most important is that the child is cared for. If a parent doesn’t fulfill the required obligations, it’s likely that child support enforcement will get involved to make sure the parent pays. When child support is not being paid or there are questions about how to deal with this kind of situation, it is wise to discuss the matter with a qualified legal professional to understand how to settle the dispute.

Source:, “Clinton man arrested on assault, failure to pay child support warrants,” June 9, 2014

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