Child support enforcement arrests man who owes over $550,000

Child support enforcement is taken very seriously in Howard County. If the support is not provided as legally required, there is the possibility that there will be an arrest. Often, a Howard County child support lawyer handles cases in which a person who is supposed to be providing support fails to do so. Maryland child support laws require that children are supported according to the agreement. When they are not, legal action will be taken.

A man who owes over $550,000 in child support for his three children and had been avoiding authorities for five years was recently arrested. The 52-year-old man was caught after law enforcement received a tip as to his whereabouts. There had been a warrant issued regarding his failure to make the necessary payments in 2008, but he had been avoiding arrest since then. After his arrest, the man posted a cash bond of $23,462.24 and was released. He is due to return to court to answer to the charges.

For any issue that crops up under Maryland child support laws, it is important to keep the child’s best interests in mind. When a couple shares a child, there could be disagreements regarding visitation, custody, attempts to modify agreements, problems with one parent planning to move out of state, paternity and more. Some parents are able to come to a reasonable agreement without rancor or extended disputes. They keep the situation amicable and know that the children are the primary concern.

In other circumstances, parents disagree about everything. Then there are times when the case is settled and the supporting parent doesn’t fulfill his or her end of the bargain. Whether the disputes are dealt with through negotiation or litigation, the most important factor is that the children are cared for sufficiently.

In this case, the father of three children didn’t pay the child support he was legally required to. He was caught and arrested. When a parent is not meeting that person’s obligations, it is important that the parent who is not receiving support get child support information on how to handle the case.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Man Who Owes $550,000 in Child Support Arrested,” Mar. 27, 2014

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