2 Maryland residents sentenced after criminal charge for robbery

Two residents of Maryland who were found guilty of a 2012 armed robbery were recently sentenced and are now facing long prison sentences. Armed robbery is a serious criminal charge, and if a person is convicted, significant penalties can be imposed. When a person uses force or threat of force with the intention to take property from another party, it is classified as robbery; and by threatening someone with a deadly weapon, the felony becomes armed robbery.

According to police reports, the two Maryland men took a relative’s car without consent and went to a different neighborhood. They left the car there and went to a nearby pharmacy on foot. Threatening the pharmacist with a weapon, one man demanded cash and prescription drugs while the other man reportedly restrained the shop assistant by using zip ties. After restraining the pharmacist as well, they left the pharmacy with cash and drugs valued at over $7,000.

They took the pharmacist’s car and drove back to the relative’s stolen vehicle where a neighbor became suspicious and called police. After a high-speed pursuit that ended in the robbers colliding with another vehicle, the two men were apprehended. They each received a prison sentence exceeding 11 years, with supervised release of three years after completion of the prison sentence.

When a Maryland resident is facing a robbery or armed robbery charge, the degree of the criminal charge will depend on the specific details of the offense, taking into consideration the amount of harm or injury caused to others, along with the value of property or money taken. By gaining knowledge of the relative state laws, the accused individual may also gain an understanding of the legal processes that will follow. Everybody has the right to have their own interests protected in court and will remain innocent until — and only if — the prosecution can present sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt. A guilty plea may afford the defendant an opportunity to engage in negotiations with the prosecution that may limit the penalties for specific charges.

Source: carrollcountytimes.com, “Two sentenced in Woodbine pharmacy armed robbery”, Heather Cobun, March 28, 2014

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