Child Pornography in Maryland

Young people growing up today are often called “digital natives.” That means that the use of technology on a daily basis is simply a fact of life. When these young people reach a certain age, the temptation to “sext” (send sexually explicit text messages to a partner) or share nude images of themselves or their friends may exist. To the average onlooker, these acts may seem harmless enough. “Boys being boys” or young people exploring creative ways to express themselves.

What parents and young people alike should be aware of, however, is that sharing these types of images can result in child pornography charges, which are certainly no laughing matter. Take, for instance, the case of one 14-year-old Minnesota girl who was charged with distributing child pornography after sharing nude images of herself with another party. If someone in your family is facing these types of charges, it is essential to educate yourself on your rights and to work with an experienced, dedicated attorney.

What is Child Pornography?

There are both federal and state laws that define child pornography and the penalties associated with those types of crimes. Essentially, any images that depict minors in a sexual way can be defined as such. In the majority of jurisdictions, the following crimes are associated with child pornography:

  • Possession
  • Distribution
  • Receiving
  • Viewing

There is nothing but the most noble intentions behind these laws. The area that becomes tricky, however, is when minors engage in sending, receiving, or viewing personal images of a sexual nature voluntarily.

The Age of Selfies

People of all ages are enamored with the possibility to capture their likeness at any given time under any set of circumstances. Sometimes, young people choose to send suggestive images of themselves to friends. Unfortunately for them, they may face criminal charges for doing so.

Contacting the Right Lawyer

If your child has been charged with some type of child pornography offense, it’s essential to contact a law firm with the experience, dedication, and tenacity needed to defend them in a court of law. When it comes to the distribution of images, then it’s likely federal prosecutors will get involved. That’s because the internet is generally considered part of their jurisdiction. To secure relentless counsel who’s not afraid to fight on your behalf against federal prosecutors, contact the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA in Maryland. Call today to speak with a member of our legal team.


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