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10 Common Child Custody Questions Explained

When you are facing a child custody dispute, it can be heartbreaking and stressful. There are so many questions to answer and…

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Can My Ex Take My Personal Injury Settlement?

It’s complicated. Yes, this is definitely a lawyer answer, but it’s also the truth. Complications like this are a good reason to…

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Maryland Same-Sex Couples Clear to Adopt

Ever since the Supreme Court decided Obergefell v. Hodges, LGBTQ rights have greatly expanded nationwide.  Following that decision, most states have been quick to…

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Dos and Don’ts of Maryland Prenups

Many people choose to lay out their assets and liabilities before getting married and create a prenuptial agreement. Others may have reasons for…

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Five Reasons Why People Violate Family Court Orders

When you’ve just been through a painful divorce or child custody dispute, you may feel a sense of relief knowing that at…

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3 Fantastic Ways Same Sex Marriages Are Helping to Reduce Gender Bias in Family Courts

Historically, people have long held the belief that men are disadvantaged in divorce court, and perhaps there is some truth to the rumors. According…

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5 Things You Should Avoid When Going Through a Child Custody Battle

People who are fighting over the custody of children are plagued with stress, anguish, anxiety, and anger. There can be a great…

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When Your Ex Takes the Kids Out of State

It’s a common situation: parents breakup and one of them leaves Maryland with the children. Depending on the circumstances, this can be…

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Fighting a Protective Order

Under Section 4-504 of the Maryland Family Code, a person can bring a protective order against anyone who presents a threat of…

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Served With Civil Contempt Summons: What’s Next?

When you go through a divorce or child custody dispute in Maryland, a judge will supervise the process, making sure that both sides are…

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Help, I Can’t Afford Child Support Payments

In Maryland, a court can order spouses to pay child support and alimony, and it can order a party to divide personal…

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Going Bankrupt During a Divorce

It’s bad enough you have to go through a divorce, but if you are like thousands of Americans each year, you may be…

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Can My Spouse Let His or Her New Partner Move in to Our Home While Separated?

When two people get divorced, there are usually a number of things that represent significant sources of contention. One of the worst…

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Modifications of Court Orders – Relocation

It’s fair to say that no one in their right mind wants to go through a lengthy divorce proceeding. There’s simply nothing…

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Retirement Account Division

Divorces can be decidedly messy affairs. This is especially true when it comes to the division of assets, specifically, retirement accounts. Even celebrity…

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Three Situations When You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

When a couple is considering a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, it’s common to worry that somehow it will diminish or interfere with…

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10 Things You Need to Put in Your Child Custody Arrangement

When parents disagree, it sometimes means divorce or separation. When children are involved, this means you typically have two people who love…

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The Difference Between Legal and Physical Custody Laws in Maryland

One of the most difficult decisions a separating couple must make is deciding who will get physical custody of the children and…

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Defining the “Best Interests of the Child” Standard

Determining child custody is a multi-faceted area with many factors to consider. However, the main issue courts consider when determining child custody…

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Establishing Paternity in Maryland

Establishing a child’s paternity is important for many reasons. It ensures the child can foster and build a relationship with both his…

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