4 Men Arrested In Maryland For Diesel Theft

If you’ve lived in the United States any time in the last year, you know that times are tough. Prices are going up everywhere, from the grocery store to the gas pumps. Rent is skyrocketing. The cost of a home is outrageous.

Because of inflation, people are finding it hard to afford basic needs. Some people have resorted to stealing necessities. There are even those who are stealing things that they don’t need.

Case in point: four men who were caught stealing diesel fuel from a truck stop in Maryland. The incident happened on the morning of May 30 at New Transit Truck Stop in Millersville. Police arrived and found a Chevrolet SUV being driven away from a U-Haul. Police pulled over the SUV and detained those inside.

It was determined that the man had pumped 750 gallons of diesel into various storage containers in the U-Haul. The men had overridden the pump system to steal all the fuel. Four men, ages 28, 32, 26, and 53, were arrested and charged with theft. It is believed that the man may be connected with other diesel thefts in the area.

Gas Thefts

Gas thefts have become more common in recent months. Thieves have come up with ways to modify trucks so they can steal thousands of dollars of gas at a time. For example, they may take a commercial-style truck and install intricate piping inside to make it easier to steal gas. Some thieves are brazen. They will open up the gas pump itself and manipulate the gears inside to get free gas.

Some thieves are even going to California to sell gas there, since the state has the highest gas prices in the nation. A person who spends hours pumping gas is likely a thief. They are probably stealing large amounts of gas.

Gas thefts are happening all across the country. In Florida, six men were recently arrested for stealing more than $60,000 worth of gas from stations. In Southern California, 2,000 gallons of fuel was stolen from the main underground gas containers at the transportation yard of a school district. Police have made many arrests for gas theft in Nevada.

If something seems out of place, such as a random person opening the side of a gas pump, then that’s suspicious. Let the gas station attendant know. A gas thief can easily deplete gas and, in some cases, even cause a gas station to go out of business.

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Costs are rising. People are resorting to stealing all kinds of items, including diesel and gas.

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