Women And Men Don’t See Eye To Eye On Relationships, Leading To Divorce

There are many reasons why couples divorce. There could be communication issues or money problems. There could be infidelity or a lack of responsibility.

One common issue in marriage is that the parties fail to see eye to eye on the relationship. In fact, in many marriages, the man is in denial about the status of the relationship. They think the marriage is going great when in fact, the woman sees things differently—so much so that she may even be thinking about divorce.

In fact, most divorces—69%, to be exact—are initiated by women. What this means is that divorces are not always mutual decisions. Women tend to know before men that the marriage is not working.

In a study of 2,262 adults in heterosexual marriages, most men thought of their marriages as excellent, rating it five out of five points on a scale. More women than men—11% vs. 6%—rated their marriage as “fair,” “poor,” or “very poor.” Some of the reasons why the women felt that their marriage was not excellent was that their husband was immature or selfish. They fell out of love and were ready to find someone else.

In the study, there were 92 divorces. While most were initiated by women, 18 were initiated by men. Another 18 were mutual decisions by the couple.

When you do divorce, it is important to take responsibility for what happened. In a different study, 52 divorced people explained why their marriages ended. Some of the reasons included money problems, infidelity, and a lack of commitment. In these marriages, many believe they could have done things differently. More than 33% of women and 31.6% of men thought they should have worked harder to make their marriages work.

What is interesting is that women are more likely than men to desire marriage. However, over time, women are also more likely to initiate divorce. So what gives? Do women want to be married or not?

In many cases, women are simply bored. Their physical or emotional needs are not being met. Many women will cheat to get their needs met or get attention from their spouse.

Plus, more women nowadays are financially stable. In fact, many are the breadwinners, so if they do get divorced, they know they can take care of themselves. They do not have to stay in a miserable marriage just so their husband can care for them.

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Both parties in a marriage need to be on the same page when it comes to their marriage. When one party thinks the marriage is fine while the other is struggling, a divorce is imminent.

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