When Religion Leads To Divorce

While religion appears to be on the decline in the United States, many people still go to church regularly. Religion is shown to have many benefits. Religious people tend to have strong moral beliefs, which can protect a marriage. For example, if the marriage suffers from infidelity, the couple is more likely to stay together due to their beliefs. Religion also has health benefits, with those who are religious often living longer.

However, too much of a good thing can be bad in some cases. Some people tend to be overly religious, which can impact a marriage. In fact, it can even lead to divorce.

Some couples get divorced over religious differences. For example, one may be Christian while the other may be Jewish. While interfaith marriages are common, sometimes arguments arise when the couple has children. They may not be able to agree on how to raise their children and this can cause conflict when it comes to holidays and observances.

Sometimes both parties are nonreligious when they get married. Then one person decides to find religion and they become obsessed with it. All of their activities revolve around religion, such as reading a Bible, talking about God, watching religion-themed television or only listening to Christian music. This can be a source of conflict in a marriage, especially if the other spouse is an atheist.

Sometimes both parties share the same religion when they get married. However, not all grow in the religion together at the same pace. One person may keep getting more and more religious, while the other may lose faith. They may become less religious over time and this can be a source of conflict in the marriage.

Depending on their religious beliefs, a couple may be confused as to whether or not they should stay together. Is divorce a sin? Does their religion require them to stay married until death do them part? This is something they will need to discuss with their pastor, priest or other church official.

In short, religion does not protect against divorce. In fact, atheists, Catholics and Lutherans have the lowest divorce rate in the United States, at 21%, so it does not matter if you’re religious or not. Overall, the marriage is considered to be more stable when both spouses share the same beliefs. When there are differences in religion or church attendance, that is when the risk of divorce increases. However, studies show that the wife’s religious beliefs tend to be more important in marriages than the beliefs of the husband.

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While religion can bring people together, it can also tear couples apart. They are more likely to divorce when they cannot agree on their beliefs.

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