What Happens to a Wedding Ring After a Divorce?

In a divorce, you and your spouse will split up all your marital assets. You will decide who gets the house or cars. You will make decisions about child custody. You may split up valuable collections. You may even decide who gets the pets. But what about the most sentimental marital asset of all: the wedding ring?

A wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that symbolizes commitment. If you’re going through a divorce, the commitment is no longer there, so what happens next? If you’re a woman, your husband likely spent several thousand dollars on your wedding ring. Should you give it back to him? Should you keep it? Would you be a bad person if you wanted to sell it?

When it comes to proper etiquette, no established rules exist for wedding rings. Therefore, you could do whatever you want. However, it’s a good idea to apply common decency. For example, if the ring was a family heirloom, it would be nice to give it back to your husband, considering that you are no longer part of the family. If your husband spent several months’ salary to give you that ring, it would be a nice gesture to ask if he wants it back. In regards to engagement rings, state laws apply.

If your spouse does not want the ring back, what should you do with it? It depends on the relationship you have with your ex. If you are still on friendly terms, then it might make sense to keep it. You may even continue to wear it. You could even keep it for your daughter to wear when she is older.

On the other hand, if your spouse was a horrible person and you want nothing more to do with him, then keeping it would only put salt in the wound. You could sell it online through eBay or Craigslist. There may be websites dedicated to jewelry sales. You could even take the ring to a pawn shop or a retailer that gives cash for gold.

Some people get creative. They melt the ring and turn it into a whole new piece of jewelry. Some people choose to donate their ring to a worthy cause. You could even give yours to a friend who is considering marriage.

Some opt for the dramatic approach. You could give your ring a dramatic farewell by purchasing a coffin for it. You could bury it, throw it out a window or throw it in the ocean. Some women tie their wedding rings to helium balloons and watch them float away.

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A divorce can create enough drama. Do something with your wedding ring that will have special meaning to you or benefit others.

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