What are the best and worst things about gray divorces?

A recent survey asked what the best and worst things were about being someone who was divorced after the age of 50. The answer for the best thing was “freedom.” The answer for the worst thing was “loneliness.”

For some people over the age of 50, the idea of being lonely is frightening. Many people may stay in their unhappy marriages because of this fear. However, there are ways of fighting loneliness and embracing your newfound freedom.

One woman says to prepare for and accept the fact that loneliness is one unpleasant feeling you will face after your divorce. This doesn’t likely change for anyone of any age who gets divorced; however, for those who are over 50, the feeling could be more frequent or more intense. For some, though, the feeling of loneliness was something that was present while they were married, and it could have been part of the reason they divorced.

Loneliness is not the only unpleasant thing you will likely have to deal with after your divorce. There are other difficulties, such as dealing with financial matters, the stress of moving or the emotional issues involved with dealing with your kids.

You might find that you truly enjoy begin by yourself. Maybe it’s something you’ve wanted for a long time. Perhaps you have been looking forward to it. Get out and experience life as a single person. There is nothing wrong with going to movies or out to dinner by yourself. You might actually end up meeting new people this way.

If you want to try dating, you might register for an online dating site. Don’t set up high expectations and make sure you keep safety in mind.While getting divorced later in life is not easy, your divorce attorney can help you learn different ways you might begin to move forward.


Source: Huffington Post, “Don’t Let Loneliness Fears Dissuade You From A Gray Divorce,” Barry Gold, May 31, 2016

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