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Drunk driving cases begin in two essential ways. The first involves a traffic stop. A police officer may observe you swerving your vehicle, he or she may see you run a red light or your vehicle may be stopped at a routine checkpoint. The officer may immediately suspect impairment or suspicion may arise as a result of your bloodshot eyes or slurred speech.

The second basic way in which a drunk driving case might begin is after an accident. When an accident occurs, the other driver or an onlooker may call a police officer to the scene. It is then that officers may look for signs of impairment. All drunk driving cases are serious, but these can be even more complicated, especially if they involve an injury.

An accident of this type recently occurred in our area, but police were on the scene before the crash. In the early morning hours on Sunday, March 22, a collision occurred that left two people injured. One of them was the driver of a passenger vehicle. The other was a Howard County police officer.

The police officer had responded to a call about a separate accident involving another police officer from Takoma Park. While he was assisting the fellow officer, the driver of the passenger vehicle struck the Howard County officer’s patrol car. Investigators suspect that drugs and alcohol were involved in the crash.

This case may stand out because a police officer was injured in the accident, but it is not the only notable part of the story. We share this story in our criminal defense blog for a couple of other reasons. First, this story goes to show that every case presents its own unique challenges. Second, even if you are injured in an accident, it does not eliminate the possibility of drunk driving charges.

At the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, we are prepared to take on any case, even the most complicated ones. Our attorney has more than 15 years of experience in Maryland. Nothing can take him by surprise. We also cater to the needs of our clients, which means that we can start building a case even if our client is in the hospital or dealing with other issues.

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