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Update: Baltimore’s speed cameras shut down for erroneous charges

Over the last several months, we have covered the long-standing problems with the speed cameras in Baltimore. In an effort to catch more people speeding and raise funds, the city installed cameras to catch and ticket drivers believed to be traveling over the speed limit. However, the cameras quickly became notorious for inaccurately gauging drivers’ speeds.

City officials recently made the decision to “indefinitely” shut down the speed-camera program due to documented errors. This move may come as a relief to many people who feared becoming the victim of wrongfully issued traffic violations.

At this point, the city is looking for options to reinstate the program. The city’s Board of Estimates recently tapped a new vendor for speed cameras and purchased several dozen cameras that will eventually be used in the city.

If and when the city launches the renewed effort to document speeding motorists and raise revenue, local residents will likely be on watch again. Just because new cameras will be in use doesn’t mean they will be error free. As such, it will be important for observers and local officials to be aware of any inconsistencies in the functionality of the new hardware.

Just as it will be critical to closely monitor the situation with the changes in Baltimore’s speed-camera program, those who are dealing with tickets issued as a result of new or old cameras may wish to explore their legal options. Being issued a speeding ticket may not only result in the short-term financial burden created by a fine, but could also cause a driver’s insurance rates to be increased.

Source: AFRO, “Purchase of New Speed Cameras Approved For Baltimore Streets,” Odessa Mohabeer, April 12, 2013

  • To find out more about your options after being issued an erroneous traffic ticket, please see our Glen Burnie traffic violation page.

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