Understanding Your Risk of Divorce

You have probably heard the statistics: approximately 50% of first marriages end in divorce. As many as 65% of second marriages will end in divorce. Those who are children of divorce have a higher risk of divorcing themselves.

You may be considering marriage one day, but at the same time, you may be concerned about your risk of divorce. Divorce is an event everyone wants to avoid, if possible. However, you cannot always predict when a divorce may happen. You may suddenly experience financial difficulties in your marriage. Perhaps your spouse cheated on your or abused you. Maybe you both decided on having children, but you or your spouse later changed their mind.

There are many reasons why couples divorce. They include too much arguing, money issues, abuse, infidelity, money issues and unrealistic expectations. Here are some other things that can increase your risk of divorce.

Marrying Too Young

Your grandparents may have gotten married right out of high school, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Hardly anyone went to college back then, so people settled down right away. People nowadays have so many options. You can get an education, travel or start a career. In the 1920s, women married at 21.2 years of age, on average, while men married at 24.6 years old. Today, the average age has risen to 27.8 years old for women and 29.8 years of age for men. So don’t rush into marriage. Take your time.

Getting Pregnant Before Marriage

While being unmarried with children is not as taboo as it used to go, it’s not a good foundation for a marriage. Those who are pregnant before marriage are more likely to divorce, so hold off on kids.


People can develop addictions over time. They may drink too much, abuse drugs, spend their money gambling or spend too much time looking at pornography. This can be frustrating to the other spouse, but an addiction does not necessarily mean a divorce is the only option. It is possible for the person to be treated and recover from their addiction with the right professional help.

Family History of Divorce

If your parents are divorced, then you are twice as likely to divorce. If your parents’ parents also divorced, then your risk of divorce increases even more. While this does not necessarily mean your marriage will fail as well, you need to be aware of this and work even harder to make your marriage successful.

Contact a Maryland Family Law Attorney Today

Although some people face a higher risk of divorce, sometimes even couples who seem perfect for each other may divorce. Even couples who have been together for decades may one day decide to divorce.

Whether you are facing an unexpected divorce or have been planning it for a long time, the Columbia divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. can guide you through the process. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today. Fill out the online form or call (410) 774-5987. We have two offices to serve you.




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