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Two men face charges in alleged Baltimore assault

Criminal charges can often ruin a person’s reputation. When these charges include accusations of a violent crime in Baltimore, the penalty if convicted can be severe, so it is important to form a rigorous criminal defense. If someone is arrested for assault, they may want to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

Two men arrested for assault last week are accused of beating a two other men up in a confrontation at a pizza restaurant. According to a news report, the men allegedly yelled racial slurs. This deepens the severity of the crime.

If the court believes that an alleged crime was racially motivated, the penalty could increase based on the charges. It would be important in this case for the two men to evaluate who the witness was that described this incident to police.

Witnesses can sometimes be friends of the people who are making the allegations. That means that they could be defending their friend’s position and are not necessarily credible. It is also important that witnesses can truly identify the people that they say committed the crime. Sometimes witnesses might not always have a good look at the person during a sudden incident. They might later identify a suspect incorrectly because their memory isn’t clear.

Speaking with a criminal defense attorney might be a wise idea if someone is accused of a crime, especially if racial accusations are made. They can make sure your rights are preserved throughout the legal process and you are treated fairly throughout the legal process.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Two men arrested in early morning assault in Towson,” April 18, 2012

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