Trespassing, indecent exposure charges for Maryland delegate

When emotions run rampant, criminal charges can be the end result. For one Maryland delegate, that’s exactly what happened when she was charged with trespassing and indecent exposure.

Delegate Ariana Kelly has a criminal trial scheduled for Aug. 13 on those charges. “Aggressively disputing” the charges is what her attorney has said, though. Delegate Kelly was arrested June 27 in Bethesda, Maryland, at her ex-husband’s home, according to a July 15 report on She was dropping off her children to their father. According to reports, Del. Kelly became angry when she realized her ex-husband’s girlfriend was in the residence.

According to police reports, the ex-husband asked Del. Kelly to leave when she started banging on the door and yelling. The ex-husband allegedly showed police cellphone video of the 39-year-old woman banging on the door and shaking her bare breasts up and down. The responding police officer, after viewing the cellphone video, told Del. Kelly that she could go to jail for indecent exposure. The court documents reportedly show that Del. Kelly told the officer to arrest her and held her wrists up.

There are many long-term consequences of a criminal conviction. Charges can affect your career, your social circle and your relationship with your family. It’s important to work with your attorney to build a strong defense to the charges you face. Your attorney will review the evidence, including police reports, arrest reports, medical records, videos and more.

Protecting your future is vital. An attorney can provide more information on how to defend yourself against criminal charges and how to protect your rights.

Source:  Washington Post, “Maryland Del. Ariana Kelly charged with indecent exposure, trespassing,” July 14, 2015

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