Top 3 Reasons People Put Off Divorce

Everyone knows someone who is in a loveless and unpleasant marriage. In fact, most of us probably know a handful of these folks. So, why do people put off divorce?  What are the underlying factors that tend to lead people to stay in unhappy marriages year after year? The answers may not be all that surprising.

#1: Stick it Out For the Kids

Unsurprisingly, one poll looked at divorce from the perspective of children aged 14 to 22 and found that overwhelmingly they would prefer it if their parents got divorced, as opposed to being unhappy. The poll found revealed that this was the case for 82% of those surveyed. Likewise, 60% of the individuals surveyed felt they were left out of the process. This interesting data seems to suggest that, at least for children, it may not be all that beneficial to put off divorce for the sake of children. If there are aggression, hate, animosity, or other negative emotions in the marriage, you can bet the kids will notice and be affected by it far more than a divorce.

#2: Money

Oddly, many people put off divorce for the same reason they contemplate it – money. When considering divorce, many people worry that they will be unable to make it on their own. For breadwinners, the fear stems from a concern that they will be stuck paying for two households and high child support. For parents who may have been out of the workforce for many years while raising children, the fear may be linked to a concern that they won’t be able to earn enough to live on their own without parental or other family support. This can create a terrible situation where both people are inextricably linked to each other solely out of fear of financial ruin. Fortunately, with the right help from a qualified divorce lawyer, most of these fears can be addressed and solutions can be presented.

#3: Fear of “Divorce”

As bizarre as this reason may seem, many couples simply avoid divorce because they are afraid of the process. Whether it’s a belief that attorneys will cost too much or a concern that judges will be unfair to them, people simply worry about the process. Perhaps this is for good reason, though. The Internet is full of surveys and research that points to the “average cost of divorce.” Many of these sites will point out that divorces can cost as much as $15,000 or more. For a family on a tight budget, that can seem daunting. However, the truth is these figures are likely based on “contested” or “litigated” divorces. These are cases where the couple simply could not agree on much and spent significant time fighting in and out of court. Therefore, one of the unique challenges for any divorce lawyers is to zealously advocate for the client, while simultaneously helping both sides remain in some sort of agreement.

Get Answers About Divorce

If you are facing a divorce in Anne Arundel County or the surrounding areas of Maryland, don’t procrastinate. Call the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. today. With years of experience, we can often help put your mind at ease with real answers to your toughest divorce questions.


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