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Tag Archives: Maryland Divorce Process


5 Things People Miss When Doing Their Own Divorce

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

A New York Times article in 2005 reported that almost half of all people appearing in divorce courts around the country were self-represented, meaning they were not using an attorney to assist with their case. Fast-forward just little more than 10 years, and in 2016 an article in the Seattle Times suggested that the… Read More »

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Can My Spouse Let His or Her New Partner Move in to Our Home While Separated?

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

When two people get divorced, there are usually a number of things that represent significant sources of contention. One of the worst things you can possibly do in a divorce case is start dating again during the divorce. Further, in Maryland, you are technically not allowed to begin dating until you are divorced. Keep… Read More »

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