Spikes In Divorces, Single Parenting Due To COVID

A lot has happened in the past two years. COVID ravaged the United States, affecting lives forever. Millions of people got sick. Many died. Others still suffer from the effects of the coronavirus.

The pandemic affected Americans in many other ways. Many workers got to work from home. Many got laid off. Kids attended school via distance learning, putting the responsibility of education on the parents.

While some people say that COVID helped their marriages, a lot of couples threw in the towel and called it quits. They couldn’t stand being around their spouses any more.

COVID caused a lot of financial and emotional stress in marriages. Many decided to leave abusive relationships, resulting in a rise in single parents. And it’s not just heterosexual relationships. The gay and lesbian communities are also seeing high rates of abuse. Children are especially experiencing severe physical abuse and sexual molestation at high rates.

The pandemic brought out the worst in people, with many spouses using coping methods such as drugs and alcohol. Marijuana and fentanyl are commonly used drugs. And the effects are not over yet, even though COVID cases are decreasing. There is still inflation and unemployment to contend with, and these issues have taken anxiety to a whole new level.

The COVID pandemic brought about increased stress in the home, with parents trying to balance a variety of issues, including work, homeschooling, health concerns, and the mental health of everyone in the family. For many households, the stresses became too overwhelming, leading many couples to file for divorce. All of these issues combined have led to spikes in divorce rates. However, a lot of divorce filings also came from recently married couples.

The divorce filings during the pandemic bucked a long trend. The divorce rate declined steadily from the 1980s until 2019 but then increased again during the pandemic. Many divorces happened early on in the pandemic. The number of Americans filing for divorce between March and 2020—the first three months of the COVID pandemic—was 34% higher than the same three-month period in 2019. The divorce rate in the United States increased from 14% in 2019 to 24% in 2020 and then 34% in 2021.

The country’s shaky response to the coronavirus pandemic could be partly to blame. The nation’s leaders were overall being short-sighted about the social and mental health impact of masking policies and lockdown. In the long term, the effects of the pandemic weakened strong relationships and broke weak relationships.

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The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected relationships. Marriages have fallen apart due to the stress of quarantining and increased levels of domestic violence.

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