Silent Relationship Killers: Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

When couples get divorced, there is usually a defining moment—the straw that breaks the camel’s back—that ends the marriage for good. Maybe one spouse was caught cheating. Perhaps one person bought a pricey item, like a sports car or house, without the other person’s permission. Maybe, in a fit of rage, the husband engaged in domestic violence and beat the wife, causing serious injuries.

These are huge issues that would cause most couples to divorce. However, a lot of marriages don’t have these moments. Sometimes, things simmer for a long time until they reach a boiling point. A person finally cannot take any more and they file for divorce, leaving the other spouse blindsided.

These silent relationship killers often leaving people scratching their heads wondering what they did wrong. But when a person fails to communicate properly or ignores the warning signs, they can suddenly end up in divorce court. Here are some things to look for in your marriage.

Relationship Killers
  • Conflict avoidance. Conflict is awkward, but in a relationship, it happens. Instead of avoiding it, you need to find ways to deal with it. Otherwise, the issue will keep reappearing.
  • When a couple does try to discuss a situation, it can lead to stonewalling. This happened when one person suddenly shuts down. They may stop talking or even leave the room, which does nothing to resolve the argument.
  • Unresolved trauma. People have baggage, and while some is minimal, others carry with them huge burdens and issues that cause major issues in their relationships. For example, a person may be scared their partner is going to cheat on them because they have been cheated on in the past. Oftentimes, therapy is the only way to resolve this issue.
  • Certain issues can lead to resentment that never really goes away. A person may continually bring up the past or make snarky remarks about a certain subject. If this continues, it causes the marriage to fail.
  • Money issues. Many divorces are caused by money issues. Even when both parties are spending money wisely, there can be trust issues, especially when the parties keep their finances separate.
  • People tend to change as they get older. They become more mature and develop new interests. Ideally, a couple will grow together, but that does not always happen. One person may decide that they want kids, while the other partner is never ready. Once an older couple retires, they may find out they don’t like spending time with each other anymore.
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A marriage can end in a variety of ways, and sometimes the reasons are not so obvious. Outsiders may think you and your spouse have the perfect marriage, but the little things can doom a marriage.

The Columbia divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. can help you understand your options in a divorce. We understand that divorce is not an easy choice, but we can help simplify the process. We have two locations in Maryland to serve you. Schedule a free consultation today. Call (410) 774-5987 or fill out the online form.


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